We specialize in designing, engineering and manufacturing made-to-order metallurgical products.

There’s nothing standard about the products we manufacture. We make composite or laminated wire from 60 mil (.060” or 1.5 mm) diameter down to 5 mil (.005” or 0.1 mm) and sheet or ribbon of varying thicknesses.

Our highly efficient production equipment is designed to manufacture high temperature materials like platinum clad molybdenum, vanadium, beryllium, titanium, and other exotic clad materials. Cladding can also be done with gold and silver.

  • One Clad

    Wire with one clad layer.

  • Sheet / Ribbon

    Made with or without clad layer.

  • Two Clad

    Wire with 2 clad layers.

  • Aerospace

  • Military

  • Lighting

  • Medical

  • Electronics

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