About Cleveland Engineered Materials

Cleveland Engineered Materials designs, engineers and manufactures specialty metallurgical products for industries including aerospace, military, lighting, medical, and electronics. We are a team of highly skilled engineers with wide-ranging experience who have worked for companies including General Electric, PCC Airfoils, Gould, RDK Aerospace and other market leaders in the aerospace and wire manufacturing markets. We have developed a manufacturing process that provides long-term consistency and uniformity of product. Our commitment to delivering high quality, custom-made products on time separates Cleveland Engineered Materials from other metallurgical manufacturers. To learn more about Cleveland Engineered Materials and products like platinum clad molybdenum, please visit the Products page.

About Our Team

We are proud of our team many of whom have decades of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing metallurgical products. Our collective expertise includes research, design, engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

  • Aerospace

  • Military

  • Lighting

  • Medical

  • Electronics

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